The Mechanical Engineering Department was started in the year 2009. The department offers two year M.E (Engineering Design) and Ph.D Programmes in Mechanical Engineering. The department has a team of highly qualified, dedicated and motivated faculty and excellent infrastructure, well equipped laboratories with facilities for PG Program and advanced study and research.

  1. To have a faculty group, devoted to academic excellence and ethics.
  2. To provide the best lab facilities to the students.
  3. To nurture students having creative ideas to adopt projects this can be subsequently commercialized.
  4. To provide facilities in the CAD/CAM lab to cultivate innovation and creativity in them.
  5. To have better teacher – student relationship.
  6. To encourage students to accept ethical and value based goals in their profession.
  7. To install a feedback system by which students can take pro-active participation in academics.
  8. To develop entrepreneur skills and to develop their personality to face the challenges of the future.