The Selvam College of Technology is a prestigious institution in our country, which provides accommodation to the students wishing to reside in the hostels. Each hostel is an independent unit in respects to its internal administration under the overall supervision of council of wardens and the hostel management. The hostels are located in the western side and adjacent to the college campus and have a separate hostel office and mess within the hostel premises. The mess has a centralized modern kitchen and a separate dining hall for boys and girls. Special menu will be introduced and served in the mess on all important religious festivals.

Hostel celebrates almost all festivals celebrated across the country such as Independence day, holi, diwali, lakshmi, saraswathi and ganesha festivals etc. Every year hostel day showcases not only organizational abilities, but also active participation of all the hostelites in recreational, cultural, literary and social activities of the hostelites, who hail from various parts of the globe.

The college has an exclusive placement and excellent training center to facilitate on campus placement opportunities to the students. Every year, the SCT hostilities shows remarkable results in the recruitment drive. It is proud to place on the records that, our hostilities have proved that they are among the top brains of the SCT. Almost entire hostel is placed and most of them have more than one job in their hands of their choice. The environment in the hostel is very conductive for placement preparations. Each and every hosteler co-operates in the placement activities by helping each other. The group studies gives every hostilities a very good opportunity to improve themselves in the areas in which they lack. The result of the strong team work shall be awesome placements from boys hostel and girls hostels.

1.General Authorities of Warden

1.1 Warden has the authority to take suitable disciplinary action expect expelling an Inmate

from the Hostel.

1.2  Warden has the authority to impose the welfare on the students.

1.3  Warden’s report will be the final regarding disciplinary action against the inmates,.

1.4  Warden / College officials have the authority to check the room and visit the students at any time.

1.5 Warden is custodian and in-charge of all the hostel properties. Warden has the authority to verify the stock periodically.

1.6 Management has no responsibility for any loss/damage/theft of student’s individual belongings. Students have to safe guard their belongings.

  1. Duties and Responsibilities of the Warden:

2.1 He/she will supervise the Hostels assigned to him/her in matters relating to the Hostels’ overall functioning, the resident students’ welfare, and discipline.

2.2 He/she will periodically visit the Hostels and co ordinate with the Wardens, staffs, and students.

2.3 He/she promote inter-Hostel cooperation, encouraging sports, cultural and other activities in the hostels.

2.4 He/she shall have powers :

(a) to impose or waive fines up to the amount decided by the Principal.

 (b) to take other disciplinary action within the assigned limit to him by the Principal and recommend disciplinary action beyond those limits to the committee, if necessary.

(c) to distribute work to the wardens of hostels under him/her as evenly as possible, in consultation with the Senior Warden concerned.

 (d) to sanction leave(s) to the warden(s) of the hostels under him/her, in consultation with the Senior Warden concerned.

  1. Duties and Responsibilities of Wardens:

 The Wardens shall perform such duties assigned to them by the Warden who is the overall in charge of the warden from time to time and shall function under the over-all charge of the Warden. In addition to, there are few specific duties assigned by the Warden to the Wardens shall perform the follows:

 3.1 The Wardens shall be responsible for the health, hygiene and general welfare of the students residing in the Hostels which are specifically assigned to him/her and shall attend to all matters of heath, sickness, diet, sanitation and cleanliness in accordance with the advice.

3.2  Each Warden shall be responsible for the resident students and shall ensure that the students concerned observe the rules framed for their guidance and maintenance of decorum.

3.3  He/she shall have the right to inspect Hostel Rooms regarding health issues.

3.4 The Wardens, functioning under the over-all charge will be individually and collectively responsible for the smooth functioning of the Hostels.

3.5 Each Warden will be responsible for the assigned resident students.

 3.6 Each Warden shall promptly take appropriate action within his/her power on all cases of misbehavior, indiscipline, and sickness of the residents in his/her charge and report to Warden and other higher authorities for cases beyond his/her powers.

 3.7 The Wardens can impose fines upto the limits prescribed by the Principal upon resident students .

 3.8 The Wardens shall be available in the hostel office every day at specified hours(5:30PM to 7:30 AM).

3.9 The Wardens shall be responsible for the proper upkeep and maintenance of properties of the hostel under his/her charge.

 3.10 Warden’s leave

  1. a) Wardens can go on leave only with the prior approval of the Warden concerned.
  2. b) The Wardens shall coordinate their leave in such a way that atleast three-fourth of them are in residence during semester time and half of them during holidays, unless a particular hostel is closed during holidays.
  3. c) A Warden may be granted leave upto three months at a time. In exceptional circumstances, leave may be given for an additional month but will not exceed one semester at a time under any condition.
  4. d) When a Warden is on leave, his/her portfolio and Wing will be distributed between other Wardens for the duration of his/her leave.
  5. Senior Warden (SW)
  6. a) The Warden in consultation with the Dean of Students’ Welfare shall designate one of the Wardens in a Hostel as Senior warden (SW) for one year on the basis of the person all round experience in running a hostel and the person’s capacity to cope with diverse contingencies subject to the provision that the Senior Warden will not ordinarily hold the office for successive terms.
  7. b) SW will supervise all matters concerning the functioning of the Hostel, and will also hold charge of one of the portfolios given below:

(i) SW will chair the meetings of the Wardens in the Hostel which will be held regularly.

(ii) SW can impose fine or waive fines as decided by the Principal.

 (iii) SW can transfer a resident from one wing of the Hostel to another.

(iv) SW can permit the stay of a resident’s guest for more than 7 days and upto 14 days according to Hostel Rules.

 (v)  SW can sanction payment of security deposit to suppliers for goods to be supplied or service rendered.

 (vi) SW can sanction refund of all kinds of security money.

 (vii) SW will secure the timely completion of and will examine the bank reconciliation statement of all accounts pertaining to the Hostel.

(ix) SW can sanction repairs to furniture in emergent cases.

(x) SW will be responsible for proper pursuance of complaints relating to civil/electrical works repairs/replacement of furniture, fittings, etc.

(xi) SW can sanction overtime allowance in accordance with the rules.

(xii) SW will take action for the eviction of resident students in consultation with the Warden.

  1. Warden (Administration)

(a) He/she will allot Hostel Rooms and guest rooms and supervise them.

(b) He/she will check the resident student’s register and the guest room register.

(c) He/she Can permit stay of a resident student’s guest up to a period of 2 days.

(d) He/she Will take disciplinary action against keeping any unauthorized guest.

(e) He/she Will order double-locking of rooms of resident student and their re-opening, when required.

 (f) He/she Will be responsible for the overall security of the hostel and will coordinate his/her responsibility with the Security Officer of the University.

(g) He/she Will periodically verify the furniture and fittings of the Hostel with the assistance of the Caretaker, and take action for their repairs/replacement or for obtaining additional furniture.

  1. Warden (Recreation)

(a) He/she will be responsible for general matters relating to health with the advice of the Medical Officer (MO) of the college. He/she will look after the common room and the sports and cultural programmes of the hostel and will regulate disbursements out of the hostel’s recreation grant.

 (b) He/she will advise in the selection of newspapers and magazines.

 (c) He/she Will check the bills prepared by the Caretaker for purchase of newspapers and magazines.

(d) He/she Will arrange disposal of old newspapers and magazines.

 (e) He/she Will ensure maintenance of discipline and decorum in the common room.

(f) He/she can permit the common room to stay open beyond the prescribed hour on a special occasion.

(g) He/she Will pursue, at the appropriate level, all complaints relating to common room items like television, items for indoor sports, etc.

(h) He/she Additional electrical charge amount of Rs 200/Month to be collected from a student who use mobile phone/gadgets

  1. Warden (Sanitation and Maintenance)

 (a) He/she will be responsible for all matter relating to hygiene, sanitation and cleanliness of the Hostel in consultation with the advice of the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of the University.

(b) He/she Will keep a watch over the cleanliness of the dining hall and the kitchen and of the food prepared.

 (c) He/she Will conduct regular inspection of the kitchen room and the dining hall.

 (d) He/she Will enforce discipline and decorum in the dining hall.

 (e) He/she Will supervise the system of purchases of mess stores provision etc.

(f) He/she Will ensure the correctness of receipts and issues of mess stores, Crockery, etc. and of the stock balance and will attest all entries in the relevant stock register. Will check the valuation of the closing stock.

(g) He/she Will ensure that stores are kept in good condition.

 (h) He/she Will check and certify the bills received from suppliers with reference to the stock register.

 (i) He/she Will be responsible for drawal of temporary advance when necessary and for keeping watch over its adjustment.

 (k) He/she Will examine the monthly income and expenditure statement of the mess.

 (l) He/she Can sanction mess rebate and lunch rebate in accordance with mess rules.

 (m) He/she Will stop mess facilities in respect of residents defaulting payment of mess bills or those who have vacated the Hostel or have been evicted.

(n) He/she Will supervise the deployment of cooks and helpers on daily wage and over-time basis when necessary.

(o) He/she Will make recommendations about refund of mess security.

 (p) He/she Can grant casual leave to Mess Managers, cooks and helpers and recommend regular leave in the case of cooks and helpers.

(s) He/she Can approve extra duty allowance to Mess Managers.

  1. Breach of Discipline on the part of Students:

 8.1 Without prejudice to the powers of the warden as delegated to him/her by the principal, in the event of breach of discipline and/or misconduct/mis-behaviour on the part of a resident student or a group of students, the Warden, Senior Warden and Wardens shall have powers as decided and vested in them by the Principal to

  1. a) Impose fines, including fines for keeping unauthorized guests in the hostel room;
  2. b) declare hostel out of bounds;
  3. c) transfer a student from one room to another or from one hostel to another;
  4. d) take other steps as empowered by the Principal to maintain discipline in the hostels.

8.2  If there is a serious breach of discipline or any other serious infringement of the rules of conduct or propriety and the Warden feels that the action called for against such a student would be in excess of the powers vested in him/her, he/she shall recommend such action as he/she deems necessary to the Principal.