Renewable energy, solar energy, bio fuels, solar cells, dye sensitized solar cells, second generation bio fuels, bio mass conversion, energy conservation and efficient use of energy, energy audit, energy storage, power electronics, photo voltaic, thin film, semiconductor devices, power quality, power system stability, transmission loss, electrical machines, special machine design, power converters, field computation, development of dedicated controllers, embedded systems, pulse electronic fields, smart grid, electrical insulation, energy efficiency buildings.


Environment impact assessment (EIA), waste to wealth – biomass conversion – solid waste management – solid waste (sludge) to useful materials, utilization of carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas), waste water treatment – advanced oxidation technique (photo catalysis), bio remediation, adsorption -development of new membranes for desalination, potable water free from arsenic and fluoride, indoor air pollution – emission control – remote sensing and GIS applications.

Development of new and novel materials

Nano materials, bio-materials, functional materials, semi conducting materials, smart materials, monomers, polymers and polymer composites, photonic materials, nano-structured materials, catalytic materials, ceramic materials, high temperature materials for aerospace applications, photo voltaic materials, opto-electronic nano structures, new building materials, shape memory alloys, smart textiles.

Mathematical Science

Graph theory, stochastic process, probability and statistics, numerical methods and operation research.

Mechanical Science

Machining – micro and nano machining, Automotive Electronics, Engine manufacturing system, flight dynamics, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), finite element analysis, design, CAD, Composites – metal matrix and plastic composites, cryogenic, tribology, fracture mechanics, metal forming – super plastic forming, vibration and noise pollution, computational fluid dynamics, mechanical stress and vibration analysis, wear studies of cutting tools, supply chain management and logistics, CIM, vehicle dynamics, fuel cells.

Computer Science

Data mining, cloud computing, quantum computing, mobile computing, grid computing, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, multi core computing, parallel and distributed system – data base management system.

Information Science

Network security, wireless network, knowledge discovery, open source software, multimedia networking, software engineering.

Electronics and Communication

VLSI Architecture, Wireless Networks, Sensors and sensor Networks, Bio-signal Process, Optical Networks, medical informatics, signal and image processing, optical devices, MEMS, RF Engineering, GPS receiver , EMI/EMC, Embedded systems.

Health Care

Focus on the health care equipment’s, early detection of cancer, photo dynamic therapy, bio-medical instruments – use of radiation technique to improve therapeutic efficiency of cancer – drug delivery.

Management Science

Finance, marketing, operations, systems and HR.

Research related to Societal needs

protected drinking water, focus on socio-economic research on the coastal population, early warning of natural calamities – earthquake, tsunami, disaster mitigation and management, pollution abatement, watershed management, global warming, climate change and rainfall pattern, improvement in urban transportation, structural design for urban development, landscape architecture, green buildings, green processes, preservation of fruits, vegetables and food grains, rural green building design for economically weaker section of the society.