Roles and Responsibilities of Dean – Academic 

  1. Monitoring the academic progress of the departments.
  2. Monitoring the functions of Class Advisor’s I & II, Test Coordinators, Assessment Coordinators.
  3. Approving the Internal Assessment marks for all students in all classes of both UG & PG.
  4. Monitoring the students’ on-line feedback.
  5. Monitoring the faculty performance in University results.
  6. Monitoring and controlling students discipline in the campus.
  7. Monitoring and controlling the Girls’ Hostel.
  8. Monitoring the functions of deputy wardens and all other staff working in the Girl’s Hostel.
  9. Any other matter connected with students’ activities in the college as well as in the hostels.

Roles and Responsibilities of Dean – Research 

  1. Monitoring the activities of Research Centre’s.
  2. Monitoring the research progress of faculty members pursuing Ph.D.
  3. Recommending faculty members for participation in Conference / Seminar / Workshop.
  4. Recommending project proposals of departments / individual faculty to funding agencies.
  5. Monitoring the activities of the innovation and creativity of the college.
  6. Monitoring the progress of product development in the departments.

Roles and Responsibilities of the HOD 

  1. Allocate the subjects to the faculty members well in advance before commencement of the semester/year.
  2. Collect lesson plans from teaching staff before the commencement of class work and ensure that the information provided is in accordance with the format.
  3. Make sure that the time tables are prepared as per the guidelines given by the principal and inform the faculty members and students at least one day before the commencement of the class work.
  4. Send staff attendance register after making necessary entries to the principal office by 9.30 A.M every day.
  5. Interact with students (Section wise) of their branch 15 days once, identify the problems and find solutions in consultation with the principal.
  6. Verify the student attendance registers maintained by the staff members once a week and submit to the principal for verification once in a fortnight.
  7. Instruct the faculty members to set the question papers as per instructions from the principal and to maintain the confidentiality and also to evaluate the scripts promptly to meet the dead line given by the principal. The evaluated answer sheets along with award sheet filled by the concerned faculty member have to be submitted to the exam section as per the schedule given. Softcopy of the Assignment Exams & Assignment test also to be submitted to the exam branch as per schedule.
  8. Observe the dress code among students and instruct the respective class advisors to implement the dress code among the students.
  9. Convene departmental staff meeting once in a week on the day allotted and record the minutes of the meeting.
  10. Collect the student feedback about the faculty member’s subject wise (for all the subjects taught to the students of their branch) and communicate the feedback to the concerned faculty members in the standard format as decided by principal. Communicate a copy to the principal. If any subject is handled by the other department faculty members, communicate one copy to the respective HOD. Guide the faculty members to improve their performance based on the feedback and also monitor whether the faculty members are improving from year/semester to year/semester.
  11. Advise the class teachers to prepare Master registers meant for posting attendance and internal marks within one week after the commencement of class work for the semester/year.
  12. Communicate the attendance particulars and internal marks of students to the concerned parents from time to time with the help of class advisors.
  13. Counsel the students who are absent for the mid test or irregular to the class work.
  14. Form the student batches and allot the project guides as per guidelines given by the principal.
  15. Route all the correspondence through the office of the principal.
  16. Designate faculty member who will be the Head I/c during his/her absence and make sure that all files and records are available for Head in- charge. Give contact telephone number to enable the authorities to consult them in emergency when he/she is away from headquarters.
  17. Allocate the students to the teacher-counselors in the beginning of the academic year.
  18. Inform the concerned authorities of any important information of events taking place in the Department from time to time
  19. Arrange special classes if necessary for the benefit of below average students.
  20. Ensure academic discipline in the department.
  21. Follow the guidelines / instructions given by the principal from time to time.
  22. Maintain and update the files as listed in the Enclosure I
  23. Make arrangements to lock and seal all the laboratories before leaving the premises.
  24. Plan and conduct the on line course of studies (MOOC) meeting regularly and prepare minutes of the meeting. Also, communicate the minutes of the meeting to the members concerned and also to the Principal.
  25. Provide necessary inputs to the principal for conducting Academic Council / Governing Council Meeting.

The Duties and Responsibilities of a Teaching Faculty

  1. Report to HOD
  2. Plan, schedule, and organize, co-ordinate and monitor Lectures and Practical’s for the students assigned to you.
  3. Complete the syllabi in the subjects assigned to you.
  4. Prepare Lecture Plan/ Lecture Materials/ Course Material
  5. Conduct at least three internal Tests during each semester in the subjects assigned to you
  6. Encourage students to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  7. Plan, deliver and evaluate theoretical / practical instructions.
  8. Guide the students in the performance of practical tasks and skill exercises and evaluate their performance, Advise and assist the students in their project works.
  9. Participate in professional development activities
  10. Involve in at least one task for Institutional Development during a semester
  11. Any other responsibilities that may be assigned by the HOD.
  12. To produce 95% result in the subject taught.
  13. To take all needful steps for Research and Development towards establishing a Centre of Excellence.
  14. To take up Collaborative programmes with leading organizations by exchange of know -how’s and in turn help placement.
  15. To publish at least one paper in international conference and journals of repute every year.
  16. To organize an International Conference on any thrust area on relevant subject.
  17. To take all efforts in bringing the name and fame of the institution to the top level in the nation.
  18. To apply and get Central Assistance to the tune of Rs.5 to 10 Lakhs once every year. 


  1. The Faculty Member should come to the college at least 5 minutes before the commencement of classes and should leave the college not earlier than 15 minutes after the end of the last hour.
  2. All the Faculty Members are expected to follow the rules and regulations of the institution as prevalent from time to time.
  3. The work load of all the staff shall be fixed by the management. The work load of the faculty should not be less than 40 hours a week, of which teaching-contact hours should be at least as follows:
Position Minimum Working Hours per Week
Professor 8 hours / week
Associate Professor 12 hours / week
Assistant Professor 16 hours / week

For the above stipulations, two tutorial hours/two laboratory/Drawing hours will be counted as one teaching hour.

The work plan of teachers shall ensure, in the most productive manner, the utilisation of stipulated 40 working hours per week, with regard to the roles, jobs and targets assigned to them by the Department/ Institution.

  1. Faculty Members are expected to update their knowledge by attending seminars/workshops/conference, after obtaining necessary permission from the Principal/Management.
  2. Faculty Members should attempt to publish text books, research papers in reputed International / Indian Journals / Conferences.
  3. The Faculty Member must strive to prepare himself/ herself academically to meet all the challenges and requirements in the methodology of teaching so that the input may be useful for the student community at large. Every Faculty Member is expected to extend his/her beneficial influence in building up the personality of students and he/she should associate himself/herself actively with such extra-curricular activities which he / she is interested in or assigned to him/her from time to time.
  4. Groupism of any kind should be absolutely avoided. Faculty Members found indulging in such activities will be subject to discipline proceedings.


  1. The Faculty Member should always first talk to the HOD and keep the HOD in confidence about the member’s professional and personal activities.
  2. The teaching load will be allotted by the HOD after taking into account the Faculty Member’s interests.
  3. In addition to the teaching, the Faculty Member should take additional responsibilities as assigned by HOD / Principal in academic, co-curricular or extracurricular activities.
  4. Every Faculty Member must give seminar on some topic at least once in each semester to other faculty.
  5. Every Faculty Member should maintain student’s attendance records and the absentees roll number should be noted every day in the Master attendance Register maintained in the department as soon as the classes/laboratory hours are over.
  6. Whenever a Faculty Member intends to take leave, the Faculty Member should get the leave sanctioned in advance and with proper alternate arrangements made for class / lab / invigilation. In case of emergency, the HOD or the next senior faculty must be informed with appropriate alternate arrangements suggested.
  7. The Faculty Member should make himself / herself presentable. The Faculty Member should show no partiality to any segment / individual student.
  8. The Faculty Advisor must update the student’s personal file regularly and put up for inspection by HOD/Principal as the case may be.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Class – Advisors 

  1. Instruct all the students to attend the classes regularly and to follow the dress code.
  2. Collect the list of absentee students (Period wise) and submit it to the HOD daily.
  3. Submit the list of students absent for the internal tests to the HOD.
  4. Prepare consolidated attendance on or before 3rd of every month (Whenever the class work is conducted in that particular month) and also the list of students who have got less than 75% of attendance in aggregate. Submit the lists to the Head immediately.
  5. Prepare the list of Students who have secured less than 60% of marks in mid exams (subject wise) and submit it to the HOD.
  6. Result analysis must be done after the announcement of results by the university/College and also update student record regularly after knowing supplementary exam results in the current Semester.
  7. Motivate the students to attend the seminars without fail.
  8. Instruct the students to attend the internal / external exams without fail.
  9. Motivate the students to present papers in Conferences / Seminars at regional / national level.
  10. Inform the subject staffs of their class to post mid exam marks in the master register within stipulated time after the completion of mid test.
  11. Communicate the attendance particulars and internal marks of students to the concerned parents from time to time as directed by the HOD.
  12. Seek the permission (Max One Hour and Two Permissions in a month) whenever he/she intends to come late or to go early by applying in the prescribed letter signed by the concerned HOD and the principal.