The vision of our mathematics department is to teach the students, the fundamentals, and the applications of mathematics which is the basic requirement in all engineering disciplines.


To guide the students, especially the rural students to understand the mathematics concepts in engineering and technology field, this in turn will yield excellent engineers.


  • To take away the fear of mathematics from the minds of students.
  • To create the interest about mathematics among the students.
  • To calculate the basic knowledge of all topics of mathematics.
  • To produce excellent record of results in all examinations.


Staff Achievements (2020-21)

S. No Name of the faculty Title of the Event Achievements
1 Dr. P.Periyasamy Online Orientation Training Programme for Mentors organized by National Initiative for Technical Teachers Training (AICTE), New Delhi.  



National conference on Recent frontiers in fractional calculus theory and its applications in Vel Tech High Tech Engineering College, Chennai.

Presented a paper in “Slightly double fuzzy e continuous function via e open sets”
Award of Ph.D Degree Ph.D awarded for Thesis Entitled “Contribution to the study on some generalization of sets and maps in double fuzzy topological and Nano topological spaces” awarded for the Doctor of Philosophy.
2 Mrs. R. Thangammal Online Orientation Training Programme for Mentors organized under National Initiative for Technical Teachers Training. (AICTE), New Delhi. Participated
3 Mrs. S. Revathy  

Paper Publication

Published a paper entitled ” Oscillatory Properties of Third-Order Delay Difference Neutral Equations.” in Malaya Journal of Mthematik, Vol 9,(1) (2021) 95-100.
4. Ms.P.Prabavathi A Three Day National Webinar on Recent Trends in Mathematics by Sri Bharathi Arts and Science College for Women, Kaikurichi  


One Week International FDP on Applicable Mathematics and Programming in Science and Technology from June 7th to June 12th in Mohamed Sathak A J College of Engineering, Chennai.  


Staff Achievements (2019-20)


S. No Name of the faculty Title of the Event Achievements
1. Mr.P.Periyasamy Paper Publication Paper Entitled ” More on generalized e-closed sets in double fuzzy topological spaces” published in  American international Journal of Research in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Published a Paper in AIP Conference Proceeding Paper Entitled ” e-normality of Double Fuzzy Topological Space”
Paper Publication Paper Entitled ” New Notions From (r,s)- Generalized Fuzzy e-open Sets” Published in Application of Applied Mathematics.


Mrs. S. Revathy  

International conference on mathematical modelling and computational methods in science and engineering Alagappa University, Karaikudi.

Presented a paper entitled

“Oscillatory and Asymptotic solutions of quasi-linear third-order delay difference equations”

International conference on current scenario in pure and applied mathematics at Kongunadu Arts and science college, Coimbatore. Presented a paper entitled “Oscillation criteria of third order non-linear damped delay difference equations”


Staff Achievements (2018-19)

1 Mr.P.Periyasamy On Fuzzy Almost Generalized  – Continuous Mappings in Fuzzy Topological Spaces. Published a paper in ‘JETIR, Sep 2018, Volume 5, Issue 9 ISSN: 2349-5162’.
2 Mr.P.Periyasamy Fuzzy Upper And Lower Generalized E-Continuous And Irresoluteness In Double Fuzzy Topological Spaces. Presented Paper in Easwari Engineering College, Ramapuram, Chennai on 9th and 10th of Nov, 2018.
3 Mr.P.Periyasamy Seven Days Student Induction Program Organized by Anna University Chennai, on 03-09 Dec, 2018. Participated
4 Mr.P.Periyasamy Three Days Student Induction Program Organized by Anna University Chennai , 26-28 December, 2018. Participated
5 Mrs.R.Thangammal Two days Faculty Development Program on Decision Making Skills by ICT Academy at Selvam College of Technology on10th and 11th August, 2018 Participated