About the Department

English like Computers as on date is ever evolving and expanding Globally.

The English Department of Selvam College of Technology offers Technical English I &II besides a specially designed Students’ personality Development course. We function with 6 qualified Assistant Professors besides a Lab Assistant.  A well equipped modern Language Lab enables the students acquire Essential Communication Skills. The English Department has been focusing the student- folk towards the light of lofty language skills. Our dynamic young buddies shall overcome their anxiety towards the English language; get rid of their tongue- tie and be able to communicate in English to its zenith We visualize wonders ebbing out of excellent Communication Skills that tend to be our vision; we would like to see the invisible things come to reality. We are full pledged in our spirit    to bring forth all the core areas of competency such as Listening, Speaking, Writing and Soft skills, which in turn enable the students to get through their interviews with flying colours and serve as guiding light and spirit throughout their future prospects.


Our department creates, conveys and applies knowledge and language skills to the students in order to develop intuitive, personal, academical and industrial skills as a holistic personality.


  • To learn and enable the students to be learned.
  • To help them achieve more than 95% and above.
  • To develop communication skills with humanistic approach.
  • To impart intense teaching in spoken English for industrial sector using the language lab for the welfare of the student community.
  • To communicate effectively in their respective field of specialization.
  • To foster the quality of life through its focus on teaching and learning.
  • To facilitate acquisition of communication skills and seminar, communication skills and personality development and general activities.
  • To enable them to perform well in placement activities through students personality development classes.
  • To play a lively role in moulding the students energetically to inculcate futuristic education.
  • To hone the young minds in practising Etiquette and Mannerisms for their happy living.


The vision of the Department of English is to offer students an assortment of skills to develop and aspire for highly technical and adequately communicable English; besides striving to balance their lives in a culture of reciprocal transformation.


Our stronghold mission is to educate students of Heterogeneous group, to provide individual attention with resourceful quality education with command of language skills and concerning for their character building, so they become enlightened Engineers to serve the commune with eminence as worldwide employers’.

Department Activities

The English department has played a pivotal role in shaping the personality of the students by conducting various programmes like:

E-Litereria Club

The English Litereria club of the English department was established with a view to elicit the otherwise-concealed genius within the students and also to create awareness among the students of LSRW Skills. The club, which was started with an initial strength of twenty students, The Club encourages the enquiring minds of the students and promotes a literary temper in them. It aims at nurturing critical thinking in young minds and in enhancing the communication skills with special focus on reading and speaking skills. It includes activities of self motivation, creative writing competitions, etc.

Extensive Activities

English department extends all round service by organising guest lectures, special seminars, Video Clippings etc. cultural co-ordination is being done in the English Department approximately more than 150 students have secured prizes/certificates for various competitions in and around Tamilnadu. Cultural Programmes in co-ordination with THE KODAI FM including Debates were arranged.

Language Resource Centre

The Language Lab facilities to grind the aural-oral skills of the student community with adequate no of systems.

Lab Details &Software details:

Name of the lab       : Language Laboratory

Area in Sq.m.           : 150 Sq.m.

Major Software       :  Hi Class   (2000 Business Letter, Ellis (Grammar, writing, Reading) Face to face,
English in Mind, TOEFL Mastery, English Mastery, English Pronunciation in Use,
Touch Stone, English Vocabulary in Use, Movie Talk English, British & American
English, Cambridge Professional English, Spoken English, Personal Mastery)


Library includes organization of books with different authors basically towards the subject and also competitive books, general books etc. With respect for integrating Effective Communication and Grammatical skills our library includes Compact Disc (CD) in use for the development of the students personally. It includes books for both reference and issue for students and Faculty in our Department.

Highlights and Achievements

Bridge Course

English Department has taken on a pilot project in conducting Bridge Course to train students of different levels of competence and skills. It gives adequate exposure to English for rural and semi-urban students. Bridge course was conducted in the beginning of the every academic year.

Remedial Course

Remedial Course is conducted every semester before and after the University exam results. It is very effective in finding the right triggers which will ensure the slow learners to meet their goals.

Staff Achievements

Staff Achievements (2018-20)

1 Mr. Callaghan Gerald Patrick FDP-Role Model Teacher and Classroom Leadership Management through NLP. (20.07.2018&21.07.2018) Participated
2 Mr. M.Aranganathan FDP-Role Model Teacher and Classroom Leadership Management through NLP. (20.07.2018&21.07.2018) Participated
3 Mr. Callaghan Gerald Patrick FDP-Communication skills. (04.07.2018&05.07.2018) Participated
4 Mr. M.Aranganathan FDP-Communication skills. (04.07.2018&05.07.2018) Participated
5 Mrs .M.Shanmuga Vadivu FDP- Faculty’s orientation on communication & Teaching skills. (23.08.2019- 25.08.2019) Participated
6 Mrs.T.Bhuvaneswari FDP- Faculty’s orientation on communication & Teaching skills.               (23.08.2019- 25.08.2019) Participated
7 Mrs.T.Bhuvaneswari English Language Training Program- (18.09.02019-21.09.2019) Participated
8 Ms.V.Baby FDP- Faculty’s orientation on communication & Teaching skills.               ( 23.08.2019- 25.08.2019) Participated
9 Ms.V.Baby English Language Training Program-(18.09.02019-21.09.2019) Participated

Association Activities

1 Inaugural function of Litereria Association 16.03.2019 Rtn. MPHF .V.S. Baskaran, Motivational Speaker &Trainer, Karur,
2 JalDiwas 22.07.2019 Mr.S.Karthik, AP/MCA.

Dr.T.Hemalatha, AP/Physics.

3 Commemorate 150th Birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi 03.08.2019 Dr. A. Natarajan, M.E.,Ph.D., Principal, Selvam College of Technology.
4 Quiz Program 09.08.2019 Mrs.R.Baby Shalini,  HOD – Chemistry, SelvamCollege of Technology.
5 SwachhataPakhwada 2020 23.01.2020 Dr. P. Manimekalai, M.E., Ph.D., Academic Dean, Selvam College of Technology.