Event / News date: June 25, 2017.

Workshop on Bioinformatics tools and databases.

  • BIOTECH-Workshop_june17

From the workshop students has learned the different tools and techniques used in Bioinformatics and the Databases are used to enrich the student knowledge. The databases of PDB, MMDB gave students to study about the molecular proteins and their structure and how they are used as info to attain greater knowledge.  Nucleotide Sequence were taught to handle from the NCBI, DDBJ and EMBL Database. Swissprot and Uniprot has given student s how to run BLAST and FASTA for their future Bioinformatics subject along with RASMOL has given students a Visualization Tool for Protein Visualization. From the Workshop, Students have learned and coped with the tools which are used in the areas of Bioinformatics and their functional properties. For the Workshop, Biozone Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Chennai has arranged two resource persons for the benefit of the students.

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