Facilities Available

Bottom Pouring Stir Casting Furnace


Adjustable Melting Temperature with digital Indicator : 100 – 1000° C
Variable Stirrer Speed arrangement with Digital Indicator : 100 – 1500 RPM
Preheating Reinforcement Furnace with digital Indicator : 100 – 500° C
Motorized Bottom Pouring closing/ opening set up with Inert Atmosphere Motorized Stirrer Height Adjustment
Capabilities: Preparation of Aluminium Matrix Composite, Nano Metal Matrix Composites, Hybrid Composites & Hybrid Nano Composites.
Pin on Disc Wear Testing Machine


Conforms to the specifications of : ASTM G99
Sliding Speed Range : 0.26-10 m/sec
Disc Rotation Speed : 100-2000 rpm
Maximum Normal Load : 200 N
Wear Track Diameter : 10-140 mm
Frictional Force : 0-200N
Wear Measurement Range : 4 mm
Pin Size : 3-12 mm diagonal/dia
Disc Size : 160 mm x 8 mm thick
Capabilities: To measure friction and wear testing on a wide variety of materials such as metals, Polymers, Composites, Ceramics, lubricants, Cutting fluids, Abrasive slurries, Coatings, and Heat-treated samples
Vacuum Bag Casting


Mould Size : 270X 270 mm
Vacuum Film : 55 Micron thickness
Vacuum Film : 1000 mm width
Breather cloth : 1mm thickness
Peel Ply fabric : 1000 mm width
Sealant Tape : 10mm width
Spiral wrap : 12mm Dia
Perforated Release Film : 1000mm width
Capabilities: Fabrication of Glass/Carbon/Natural fiber reinforced composites and Hybrid composites
Metallurgical Microscope


Focusing Range : 40mm
Interpupillary Adjustment Range : 55 – 75mm
Mechanical Tube Length : 160mm
Eyepieces : WF10X (18mm), WF16X (11mm)
Illumination : halogen lamp, 6V/20W
Stage Dimensions : 180x145mm
Stage Traveling Range : 30x70mm
Video Trinocular Port : 23mm
Vernier Division : 0.1mm
Head : 30 degree
Capabilities: To analysis micro structure of materials such as metals, Polymers, Composites & Ceramics.


  • Synthesis, Characterization and testing of various Nano aluminum metal matrix
  • Synthesis, Characterization and testing of fiber reinforced composites

 Consultancy and Testing

  • Development of materials for the specific application
  • Providing consultancy and services industries / Academic institutions
  • Technology transferring to the industries
  • D/M.S/M.Tech/M.E/ B.Tech/B.E/MCA/ Project works

Ongoing Research Projects

  • Impact response and damage tolerance of hybrid fiber reinforced composites
  • Effect of fiber form on impact response and damage tolerance of composites
  • Mechanical characterization of hybrid composites
  • Experimental study of fiber design composites
  • Experimental study of Different sandwich composite structures
  • Fabrication and characterization of aluminium nano metal matrix composites
  • Tribological characterization study of nano metal matrix composites

Members of the Center

Note: For Consultancy & Research Work Contact

Research Head:

Dr.R.Sasikumar,B.E., M.E., Ph.D.

Professor & Dean – Research, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Selvam College of Technology, Namakkal- 637 003, Tamil Nadu.

Phone No. : +91 4286 645602, Mobile No : +91 8903609939

Email id  : deanmech@selvamtech.com

Full Time Research Scholar:
  1. Mr. A. Manivannan – 9677311457
  2. Mr. M. S. Santhosh – 9942925241