Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Patents Filed:

  1. Titled “System for Generation of Electricity Using Movement of Vehicles”, Patent Application No.: 1479/CHE/2012, Dated: 12-04-2012

  2. Titled “Automatic Feeder System for Hen Feeding in Poultry Farm”, Patent Application No.: 505/CHE/2015, Dated: 02-02-2015

  3. Titled “A Mechanism for Reutilization of Brake Power in Vehicles”, Patent Application No.: 955/CHE/2015, Dated: 27-02-2015

  4. Titled “A Novel Method of Producing Electricity By Trapping Photon Energy from Light Sources” Patent Application No.: 201641018457, Dated: 30-05-2016

  5. Titled “A Simple Biphenolic Receptor for Colorimetric Selective Sensing of Zn 2+ And Fluorometric Sensing”, Patent Application No.: 201641026321 Dated: 02-08- 2016

  6. Titled “Development of Aluminium Matrix Composites for Cooling Fins”, Patent Application No.: 201641037412, Dated: 02-11- 2016

  7. Titled “Efficient Solar Energy Management System with Fuzzy Based Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation and Zeta Boost Converter” – Patent Filed – Yet to receive the Number

Trademark Filed:

Titled “KNOWLEDGEPRENEURSHIP” Application No.: 3047708, Dated: 04-09-2015