The Department functions with a vision of providing students with fundamental knowledge of science, understanding the present knowledge & future technological possibilities.


To produce Young engineers & scientists to design, develop, Innovative new and changing configuration of real time engineering problems through scientific laws and theorems.


  • To explore the knowledge of Crystal Structures, Crystal Growth techniques to increase the demand of materials for technological applications.
  • To afford the knowledge of thermal energy, Heat, Exchange of thermal energy and heat between physical systems.
  • To concrete the behavior of electrons in metals by exposing the knowledge of quantum physics.
  • To provide the knowledge of science of Photonics, sound waves and high frequency ultrasonic waves.
  • To impart the knowledge of modern engineering materials.

About the Department

Department of Physics has highly dedicated and well qualified, research oriented faculty members. And Physics Laboratory is spacious with advanced level of experiments like laser, optical fibers, spectrometer experiments and others, provides good exposure to students. Students get hands on training on these experiments, individual care is taken to strengthen their knowledge on fundamentals. On the theoretical side, the curriculum and syllabus is cultivating knowledge on Engineering Physics and Material Sciences in student’s minds.

Many of our faculty members attending various workshops and seminars as a part of our faculty development programme. The department is always striving hard to create and nurture scientific ideas in the young minds.


Lab Details & details of the equipment :

Name of the lab       : Physics Laboratory
Area in Sq.m.           : 250 Sq.m.
Major equipments    : Ultrasonic interferometer, Spectrometer, Diode Laser source, Travelling Microscope, Optical fibre kit, Lee’s Disc, Carey-Foster

Staff Achievements

Awards/ Honours Received
S.No Name of the Faculty Title of Award Awarded by (Name of the Organization)
1 Mr.R.Senthilkumar AP/Phy Best faculty award 2015 Selvam college of Technology

Workshops Attended

S.No Name of the Faculty SponsoredBy Date Title of the workshop Organized/ conducted by
1 Mr.R.Senthilkumar IIT, Bombay 08.12.15 to 18.12.15 Engineering Physics Selvam College of Technology
2 Dr.V.Dhanasekaran IIT, Bombay 07.09.15 to 11.09.15 Engineering Physics IIT, Bombay
3 Dr.S.Soundharam IIT, Bombay 08.12.15 to 18.12.15 Engineering Physics Selvam College of Technology
4 Mrs. K.Tamilarasi IIT, Bombay 08.12.15 to 18.12.15 Engineering Physics Selvam College of Technology