We have well established and well equipped Microbiology, Bio Chemistry, Bio Organic chemistry, Immunology; Bio process, Chemical Engineering, Down stream Process, Instrumental Methods of Analysis, Molecular biology, Genetic engineering and Bioinformatics Labs  in our college.

S.No. Lab Name Brief Description of Lab Basic Equipments available
1 Microbiology Isolation and screening of organisms from various sources etc. Autoclave, Laminar Chamber, Shaker incubator, Micro oven
2 Biochemistry & Cell Biology lab Biochemical analysis of biomolecules, isolation and identification of cells etc. Colorimeter, Hot Air Oven, Incubator, Freezer, Autoclave
Hot plate, Microscopes, Cyclo mixer, Electronic balance, Co2 incubator, Sonicator
3 Chemical Engineering Lab Filtration, Extraction, Distillation etc. Ball Mill, Jaw crusher, Double pipe heat exchanger, Venturimeter, orifice meter
4 Genetic Engineering & Molecular Biology lab Molecular techniques for D isolation, Identification etc. Laminar Chamber, Autoclave, Electronic Balance, Gel Documentation, UV spectrophotometer, UV transilluminator, PCR, pH meter, Water bath
5 Instrumental Analysis Introduction to various instruments used in Biotechnology Flame photometer, Nephelometer, cooling centrifuge, Refrigerator
6 Bioprocess & Downstream processing lab Production and separation of metabolic products Fermentor, Lyophilizer, Peristaltic pump, Cyclomixer, Magnetic stirrer
7 Immunology Blood grouping, Antigen-Antibody interactions, Serological tests etc. ELISA reader, UV spectrophotometer, Cooling Centrifuge, Refrigerator
8 Bioinformatics A network of several high-performance computers suitable for data mining, sequence analysis, structural chemistry, molecular modelling ans scientific graphics visualization were proicured and installed in the facility. Bioinformatics Facility is based on a number of UNIX UNIX servers accessible through Internet and the Local Area Network